Zerg Viper

Description Edit

The Viper is flying fast Zerg spellcaster. Has no direct attack and is quite fragile. Can use Ensnare, Parasite, Spawn Locusts and Contaminate. Ensnare slows down the movement and attack speed of enemy units. Parasite infects a single enemy unit making the infecting player share what the unit sees. Infected units, even if cloaked or borrowed, are always visible to the infecting player. Spawn Locusts, which deals a large damage to a single target and spawns two powerful locusts, is mainly useful against powerful ground units, like High Templars, Reavers and Siege Tanks. Requires research at the Viper Nest. Finally, Contaminate blocks a structure or takes it over if it is heavily damaged.

Unit Information Edit

Type: Biological - Medium
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 100 Control 2
Build time: 42 seconds
Life: 120
Energy: 50/200 (Can be upgraded to 62/250 by researching Metasynaptic Node)
Armor: 0
Movement Speed: 3.74
Sight Range: 10
Built from: Larva
Requires: Viper Nest

Abilities Edit

Energy: 75
Range: 9
Effect Radius: 2.3
Duration: 15 seconds

Ensnare enemy unit within targeted area, reducing their attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 50%.

Infestor - Neural Parasite
Energy: 50
Range: 12

Attaches a Parasite to a target unit. The infecting player sees everything the infecting unit does. Infected cloaked or burrowed units are always visible to the infecting player.

Spawn Locusts
Evolve Spawn Locusts
Energy: 150
Range: 9

Fires two Locusts at a target enemy ground unit, which will deal 200 damage on impact. The Locusts spawned are short ranged (2.5) units which will live for up to 120 seconds. They have 65 Life, 3.25 Movement Speed, and attack for 10 damage with 1.6 Attack Speed.

Researched from Viper Nest.
Energy: 50
Range: 6
Duration: 43 seconds

Prevents a targeted enemy building from being able to train units or perform research for 43 seconds. If the building has less than 33% of its maximum Hit Points remaining when targeted, the building will be permanently taken into the Zerg player's control. Note: A building that is currently under the effects of Contaminate will not change ownership if it then falls below 33%.

Upgrades Edit

Spawn Locusts
Evolve Spawn Locusts
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 100
Evolution Time: 67 seconds

Allows Vipers to use the Spawn Locust ability.

Metasynaptic Node
Metasynaptic Node
Cost: Minerals 150 Gas 150
Evolution Time: 138 seconds

Increases the starting energy of Vipers and Defilers by 12 and their maximum energy by 50.

Researched from Defiler Mound.

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