Protoss Stalker

Description Edit

Ranged support strider. Can use Blink. Can be upgraded with Duality Charge and Void Generator.

Unit Information Edit

Type: Medium - Mechanical
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 50 Psi 2
Build time: 37 (Warp Gate cooldown: 47) seconds
Shields: 40
Life: 80
Armor: 0
Movement Speed: 3.4
Built from: Warp Gate
Requires: Power field

Weapon: Particle Disruptors

  • Damage: 6x2
  • +1 (x2) damage each weapon upgrade
  • Attack speed: 1.14
  • Range: 4
  • Attacks: Ground

Abilities Edit

Energy: 10 Shields
Range: 8
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Teleports the Stalker to a nearby target location.

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