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Terran Orbital Command

Description Edit

The Orbital Command is one of the two permanent upgrades available to a Command Center. Once upgraded, the Orbital Command continues to function as a resource gathering point which can be made to Lift Off (unlike the Command Center's other upgrade, the Planetary Fortress), as well as gaining three new abilities: Calldown: SCV, Overcharge, and Scanner Sweep.

Building Information Edit

Attributes: Armored - Mechanical - Structure
Cost: Minerals 50 Gas (Provides Supply 11)
Build time: 54 seconds
Hit Points: 1500
Energy: 25/50
Armor: 1 (Can be upgraded to 3 by researching Structure Armor)
Sight Range: 11
Requires: Supply Depot

Lifted Movement Speed: 0.938

Abilities Edit

Calldown: SCV
Calldown SCV
Cost: Minerals 50 Gas 0
Energy: 25
Cooldown: 27 seconds

Drops a permanent SCV onto a target friendly mechanical unit/building or neutral object (such as Mineral patches or Vespene geysers). If dropped onto a mineral patch, the SCV will begin mining automatically.

Ion Generator
Energy: 15
Duration: 19 seconds

Overcharges a targeted production facility to increase its production speed for 19 seconds. A Factory or Starport will produce units 50% faster, while the Barracks will produce units 75% faster.

Scanner Sweep
Scanner Sweep
Effect Radius: 10
Cooldown: 72 seconds
Duration: 12 seconds

Reveals any targeted area of the map, detecting cloaked and burrowed units.

Requires Academy.
Lift Off
Lift Off
Duration: 2 seconds

Transforms the Orbital Command into a slow air unit for redeployment. It can not produce units, research upgrades, or use abilities until it has landed.

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