Protoss Nexus

Description Edit

The Nexus is the primary Protoss Structure. Produces Probes . Can be upgraded with a Khaydarin Citadel, enabling the use of Chrono Boost, Energize Pylon and Rift.

Chrono Boost accelerates production, research or attack speed at a targeted building, Energize Pylon enables a Pylon to recharge friendly units' shields, while Rift allows a small number of ground units to be teleported to the Nexus.

Building Information Edit

Attributes: Armored - Structure
Cost: Minerals 400 Gas 0 (Provides Psi 10)
Build time: 100 seconds
Shields: 1000
Hit Points: 1000
Energy: 25/50 (with Khaydarin Citadel upgrade)
Armor: 1
Sight Range: 11


Abilities Edit

Chrono Boost
Chrono Boost
Energy: 15
Duration: 19 seconds (10 seconds when used on Photon Cannon) seconds

Places the targeted structure in an accelerated state, causing it to train units, research tech, and/or attack at an accelerated rate. Gateways/Warp Gates are sped up by 100%. Production at Nexus, Robotics Facilities, Stargates, and upgrades being researched at other structures are sped up by 50%. If Chrono Boost is used on a Photon Cannon, its firing rate will be increased by 28% for 10 seconds.

Requires Khaydarin Citadel.
Energy: 40

Summons a rift at a targeted area. After 5 seconds, up to 5 ground units standing inside of the targeted area will be teleported to the Nexus. Teleported units are stuck for 11 seconds.

Requires Khaydarin Citadel.
Energize Pylon
Disruption Web
Effect Radius: 3.5
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Duration: 60 seconds

Energizes a targeted Pylon, allowing it to drain its own shields to automatically recharge the shields of friendly units.

Regenerates/drains shields at a rate of 13 shield energy per second.

Requires Khaydarin Citadel.

Upgrades Edit

Khaydarin Citadel
Khaydarin Citadel
Cost: Minerals 50 Gas 50

Upgrades this Nexus with a Khaydarin Citadel, enabling the use the Chrono Boost, Energize Pylon, and Rift abilities.

Requires Gateway.

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