The Marauder was removed from Starbow in a March 2014 patch.


Attributes: Biological, Medium

Cost: 100/25

Supply: 2

Build time: 30 s

HP: 125

Armor: 1

Movement speed: 2.07

Weapon: Punisher Grenades

  • Damage: 14 (Explosive damage)
  • +2 damage per weapon upgrade
  • Attack speed: 1.6
  • Range: 4
  • Attacks: Ground



Duration: 15 s
Injects the unit with powerful stimulants that greatly increases attack and movement speeds for a few seconds. Injures the unit for 20 of the unit's life.


Cost: 100/100                      Research time: 124 s
Researched from Barracks Tech Lab
Enables Marines, Marauders, Medics and Firebats to use the Stimpack ability.
Requires Factory
Barrel Stabilizers
Cost: 100/100                      Research time: 88 s
Reserached from Barracks Tech Lab
Increases the attack range of Marines by 1 and the attack range of Marauders by 2.

Uses and countersEdit

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