Attributes: Biological, Psionic

Cost: 50/150

Supply: 3

Build time: 26.6667 s

HP: 80

Armor: 1

Energy: 75/200

Movement speed: 2.4062

Spells and AbilitiesEdit


Energy: 75                     Range: 9
Duration: 15 s                 Radius: 2
Sprays enemy units within the targeted area with fungal growth, reducing their attack and movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds.

Neural Parasite

Energy: 125                     Range: 7 (3 while burrowed)
Duration: 15 s                  Cooldown: 5
Target unit is controlled by the infestor for 15 seconds. The infestor cannot take any other action while controlling an enemy unit.

Infested Terran

Energy: 25                       Range: 9
Spawns one infested terran with slow movement speed and the same stats as a Marine. Can be casted while burrowed.

Burrow movement

Movement speed: 3.3
Once burrow is researched at a hatchery the infestor can move while burrowed.


Neural Parasite
Cost: 150/150                      Evolution time: 110 s
Researched from Infestation Pit
Allows Infestors to use the Neural Parasite ability.

Uses and countersEdit