Greater Nydus Network

Zerg Greater Nydus Network

Description Edit

The Greater Nydus Network acts as an entry and exit point to the Nydus Network for the Zerg player's ground units (as well as uprooted Spore Crawlers and Spine Crawlers). Once loaded into the Network, units can be unloaded from any other Nydus Network entry/exit point, allowing a player to move units almost instantly across the map. Each Greater Nydus Network connects to the same Network, and also has the ability to spawn a Nydus Worm at any visible point on the map covered with Creep, which will also serve as an entry/exit point to the Network once it has fully emerged.

Note that contrary to SC2 Nydus Worms, there is no global sound alert when the nydus warm starts building, only a local one when it has finished, so that a Zerg player may connect his bases with Nydus Worms without the opponent knowing.

Building Information Edit

Attributes: Armored - Biological - Structure
Cost: Minerals 150 Gas 0
Build time: 33 seconds
Hit Points: 850
Armor: 1
Requires: Hive

Abilities Edit

Spawn Nydus Worm
Spawn Nydus Worm
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 50
Evolution Time: 30 seconds

Summons a Nydus Worm at a target location (on Creep only), which will act as an entry/exit point for the Nydus Network. During production of the Worm, the ground at the targeted location will crack and begin to generate a rumbling sound audible to players with units nearby. When production is complete, the rumbling sound will briefly become a roar, and the Worm will emerge. After emerging, the Worm will begin to generate a small amount of additonal Creep.


Load units into the Nydus Network.

Unload All
Unload All

Unloads all units currently stored within the Nydus Network one at a time.

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