Terran Ghost

Description Edit

Ghosts are covert infantry units which can be produced from the Barracks as long as the Terran player controls a Ghost Academy. They can Cloak to become invisible and immobile to use their rifle to attack ground with an above average range (8). They are able to mark a target location for a Tactical Nuke strike, which will be then launched from any Ghost Academy with an available Nuke. They can also deploy Sensor Drones, cloaked structures which increase the speed of neighbouring biological units. Altough Sensor Drones do not have vision, they can reveal the presence of enemy units nearby by displaying a " ! " where a unit is present. (Like a SC2 sensor tower)

Note that the Tactical Nuke Strike cast range is greater than the Ghost's sight range, even if the Ghost is moving.

Unit Information Edit

Type: Biological - Medium - Psionic
Cost: Minerals 75 Gas 100 Supply 1
Build time: 42 seconds
Life: 60
Energy: 50/200 (Can be upgraded to 62/250 by researching Titan Reactor)
Armor: 1
Movement Speed: 2.25
Sight Range: 10
Built from: Barracks with Tech Lab
Requires: Ghost Academy

Ghosts can use their weapon only while cloaked. Also note that they cannot attack air units or structures.

Weapon: C-10 Canister Rifle

  • Damage: 36 (Explosive Damage)
  • +4 damage each weapon upgrade
  • Attack speed: 2.4
  • Range: 8
  • Attacks: Ground (Units only)

Abilities Edit

Tac Nuke Strike
Tac Nuke Strike
Range: 12
Effect Radius: 8 (Nuke deals 100% damage within 4, 50% damage within 6, 25% damage within 8)
Duration: 20 seconds

Consumes a Nuke armed in a Ghost Academy Silo to call down a Nuclear Strike at a target location. The Ghost must stand still for 20 seconds while the Nuke approaches; if the Ghost is killed or cancels the calldown, the Nuke will be lost. Nukes that land deal up to 300 damage to enemies (+200 vs structures) in a large radius. This ability can be used while Cloaked.

Requires at least one Ghost Academy armed with a Nuke.
Ghost - Personal Cloaking
Energy: 30 (only once during activation)

The Ghost enters his sniping stance, becoming invisible and immobile. His weapon is enabled while in this stance.

Build Sensor Drone
Point Defense Drone
Energy: 50
Range: 2
Effect Radius: 5

Constructs a Sensor Drone at a targeted location. The Drone is a Structure which is permanently cloaked and spawns with 60 Hit Points, 0 armor. Allied biological units get a small (+0.9) speed bonus within 5 range from the Sensor Drone. Speed buff has no effect on workers. Sensor Drones do not grant vision, but show a " ! " at the position of enemy units nearby.

Upgrades Edit

Titan Reactor
Titan Reactor
Cost: Minerals 150 Gas 150
Research Time: 138 seconds

Increases the starting energy of Science Vessels and Ghosts by 12 and their maximum energy by 50.

Researched from Fusion Core.

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