Damage typesEdit

There are three different damage types in Starbow

  • Normal damage
  • Explosive damage
  • Concussive damage

Normal damageEdit

Normal damage is the most common damage type in the game.

It deals 100% damage vs all units (minus armor).

Explosive damageEdit

Explosive damage is dealt by Scouts, Mercs, Hydralisks, Goliaths, Corsairs, Dragoons, Siege Tanks, Spider Mines, Null Wards and Missile Turrets.

It deals 100% vs armored units, 75% vs medium units, and 50% vs light units.

Concussive damageEdit

Concussive damage is dealt by Firebats, Ghosts, and Vultures.

It deals 100% vs light units, 50% vs medium units, and 25% vs armored units.

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