Creep Tumor

Zerg Creep Tumor

Description Edit

Creep Tumors are structures spawned by Swarm Queens or other Tumors on Creep which generate additional Creep around them and can spawn one Creep Tumor each. They are also useful for providing vision, especially since they are Burrowed once planted.

Building Information Edit

Attributes: Biological - Structure - Medium
Cost: Minerals 0 Gas 0
Build time: 13 seconds
Hit Points: 50
Armor: 0


Spawn Creep Tumor
Spawn Creep Tumor
Range: 10
Evolution Time: 15 (~2 for the missile to arrive at the target, 13 for the new Creep Tumor to evolve) seconds

Lays a Creep Tumor at a targeted location on Creep, which will slowly generate additional creep. Each Creep Tumor can spawn up to one additional Creep Tumor, allowing the Zerg to gain vision and bonus health regeneration further across the map. Can only be used once.

Requires a 10 seconds wait before use.
Creep Generator
Creep Generator
Effect Radius: 9

Automatically produces creep to feed nearby Zerg structures. Zerg regenerate life faster on creep.

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