Terran Command Center

Description Edit

The Command Center is the most important Terran building. Terran players start the game with one Command Center. It produces SCVs, the worker unit, and is at the root of the Terran Tech Tree. It is also the Terran resource gathering facility, and without it the Terran player cannot gather resources. Command Centers can be upgraded into either an Orbital Command or a Planetary Fortress.

The Command Center can be lifted and flown around, albeit very slowly. One of the unique elements of the Terran race is that Command Centers can be built inside a Terran's main base (usually above the ramp on high ground) and then floated to expansions.

Building Information Edit

Attributes: Armored - Mechanical - Structure
Cost: Minerals 400 Gas 0 (Provides Supply 11)
Build time: 100 seconds
Hit Points: 1500
Armor: 1 (Can be upgraded to 3 by researching Structure Armor)
Sight Range: 11

Lifted Movement Speed: 0.938

Abilities Edit

Lift Off
Lift Off
Duration: 2 seconds

Transforms structure into a slow air unit for redeployment. May not produce units, research upgrades, or use abilities until it has landed.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade to Orbital Command
Command Center to Orbital Command
Cost: Minerals 50 Gas 50
Research Time: 22 seconds

Upgrades the Command Center to an Orbital Command, granting it the Calldown: SCV, Overcharge, and Scanner Sweep abilities.

Requires Barracks.
Upgrade to Planetary Fortress
Command Center to Planetary Fortress
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 150
Research Time: 48 seconds

Upgrades the Command Center to a Planetary Fortress, arming it with a powerful defensive turret. A Planetary Fortress cannot lift off.

Can attack ground units.

Requires Engineering Bay.

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