Protoss Carrier

Description Edit

The Carrier is a slow late game capital ship. Carriers have no direct attacks but build and house Interceptors in a similar fashion to Reavers, with the difference that Interceptors do not sacrifice themselves to attack.

Carriers are arguably the most expensive and time consuming units in the game, especially since they come with no Interceptors, costing Minerals 350 Gas 250, 117 seconds to make plus Minerals 200, 136 seconds to arm them fully (8 interceptors), for a grand total of Minerals 550 Gas 250, 253 seconds for a full Carrier.

Their main strenghts are the long range and mobility in combat, since they can release their Interceptors at range 8 and retreat to range 12 while the interceptors continue attacking. Interceptors recharge life and shields faster while inside the Carrier. Interceptors do not go inside the Carrier if it's moving, allowing them to be deployed faster. Interceptors speed can be increased by researching Advanced Twin Thrusters, making it easier for Interceptors to move out of range of enemy units between attacks. Their damage is not particularly good for the cost, especially against high-armored targets.

Enemy Anti-Air units such as Goliaths and Hydralisks generally have a easy time dealing with Carriers unless they are heavily massed and used skillfully by exploiting terrain, in a way similar to Guardians.

Unit Information Edit

Type: Armored - Mechanical - Massive
Cost: Minerals 350 Gas 250 Psi 6
Build time: 117 seconds
Shields: 150
Life: 300
Armor: 4
Movement Speed: 1.87
Sight Range: 11
Built from: Stargate
Requires: Fleet Beacon

Weapon: Interceptors
  • Damage: 6
  • +1 damage each weapon upgrade
  • Attack speed: 1.92
  • Range: 8 (12 leash)
  • Attacks: Ground and Air

Abilities Edit

Build Interceptor (Autocast)
Build Interceptors
Cost: Minerals 25 Gas 0
Duration: 17 seconds

Builds Interceptors that automatically attack the Carrier's target. Carriers may not attack without Interceptors.

Requires the Carrier to have less than 8 Interceptors.

Upgrades Edit

Advanced Twin Thrusters
Advanced Twin Thrusters
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 100
Research Time: 83 seconds

Increases the movement speed of Interceptors.

Researched from Fleet Beacon.

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