Terran Barracks

Description Edit

The Barracks is Terran's infantry production facility. Like Terran's other army production facilities, the types of units it is able to produce depend on the player's control of tech structures, as well as the presence of an attached Tech Lab.

Building Information Edit

Attributes: Armored - Mechanical - Structure
Cost: Minerals 150 Gas 0
Build time: 67 seconds
Hit Points: 1000
Armor: 1 (Can be upgraded to 3 by researching Structure Armor)
Sight Range: 9
Requires: Command Center


Lifted Movement Speed: 0.938

Abilities Edit

Lift Off
Lift Off
Duration: 2 seconds

Transforms the Barracks into a slow-moving air unit for redeployment. The Barracks may not produce units, research upgrades, or use abilities until it has landed. Landing next to a vacant Tech Lab will connect the Tech Lab to the Barracks, enabling additional unit production.

Build Tech Lab
Build Tech Lab
Cost: Minerals 50 Gas 25
Research Time: 29 seconds

Creates an attached building to enable additional unit production and research. If this Barracks lifts, the attached Tech Lab will be remain in place, and other Barracks, Factories, or Starports can be attached.

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