Attributes: Biological, Medium

Cost: 15/15 (Morphing from Zergling (25/0))

Supply: 1

Build time: 17.7778 s

HP: 30

Armor: 0

Movement speed: 2.9687  (3.366 with Centrifugal Hooks)

Burrowed movement speed (requires Tunneling Claws): 1.25

Weapon: Explode

  • Damage: 36 (Corrosive Damage)
  • +2 damage each weapon upgrade
  • Attack Speed: 0.2
  • Range: Melee

Morphs from Zergling

Requires Baneling Nest


Enable Structure Attack

Allows Banelings to automatically target structures.

Disable Structure Attack

Prevents Banenlings from automatically targeting structures. Banelings can still be explicitly ordered to attack structures.


Centrifugal Hooks
Cost: 150/150                      Evolution time: 110 s
Researched from Baneling Nest.
Increases the movement speed of Banelings with 0.5.
Requires Lair.

Uses and countersEdit

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