Protoss Arbiter

Description Edit

The Arbiter is a late game flying support unit that passively cloaks nearby ground units. Can be upgraded to use the Stasis Field and Recall abilities, and also possesses a weak ground and air attack of its own with a better than average range (7).

Statis Field is mainly useful in head to head combat to disable a large part of the opponent's army, while Recall provides extra mobility and harass potential for the late game protoss ground army by teleporting large groups of units underneath the Arbiter.

Unit Information Edit

Type: Armored - Mechanical
Cost: Minerals 100 Gas 350 Psi 4
Build time: 133 seconds
Shields: 200
Life: 100
Energy: 50/200 (Can be upgraded to 62/250 by researching Khaydarin Core)
Armor: 1
Movement Speed: 2.8
Sight Range: 9
Built from: Stargate
Requires: Arbiter Tribunal

Weapon: Arbiter Cannon
  • Damage: 12
  • +2 damage each weapon upgrade
  • Attack speed: 2.01
  • Range: 7
  • Attacks: Ground and Air

Abilities Edit

Cloaking Field (Passive)
Equilibrium Shield
Effect Radius: 4.5

Cloaks friendly ground units near the Arbiter.

Energy: 150
Range: Unlimited
Effect Radius: 2.5
Duration: 2.5 seconds

Teleports all units from a target location to the Arbiter after a brief delay. No units will be teleported if the Arbiter is destroyed within the ability's duration.

Stasis Field
Stasis Field
Energy: 100
Range: 9
Effect Radius: 3.2
Duration: 40 seconds

Allows Arbiters to use the Stasis Field ability. Stasis Field places up to 10 units in a targeted area in Stasis for 40 seconds. While in this state, units cannot attack, move, or use abilities, and are immune to all other abilities and damage.

Upgrades Edit

Stasis Field
Stasis Field
Cost: Minerals 150 Gas 150
Research Time: 83 seconds

Allows Arbiters to use the Stasis Field ability.

Researched from Arbiter Tribunal.
Cost: Minerals 150 Gas 150
Research Time: 100 seconds

Allows Arbiters to use the Recall ability on a targeted area, teleporting units within the selected area to the Arbiter's position.

Researched from Arbiter Tribunal.
Khaydarin Core
Khaydarin Core
Cost: Minerals 150 Gas 150
Research Time: 138 seconds

Increases the starting energy of Arbiters by 12 and their maximum energy by 50.

Researched from Arbiter Tribunal.

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